Studies in the UK

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We are an official partner

of British universities

and colleges

We advise on financial support,

student, maintenance, and tuition

fee loans for an entire

period of studies.

We offer help with application process

and thanks to ongoing support

for our clients we receive

the most favourable reviews.

Study in the UK

We organize ALL types of studies available in the United Kingdom:

Foundation Year

A so-called ‘Year Zero’

Bachelor’s Degree

Undergraduate degree

Start from Year 1

Transfer into Year 2 or 3

on the undergraduate level

All types of

postgraduate courses

e.g. Master’s degree

British courses are not particularly time-consuming, covering around 12-15 teaching hours a week. They are usually held 3 times a week, leaving plenty of time for additional activities and paid work.

Requirements and studies without Matura exam

Each school has different requirements, so contact us to discuss your specific situation.

If you have not passed the Matura exam or even finished a secondary school - you may still study in England.



Studies without a Language Certificate

Most British universities require a language certificate, such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or CPE.

Due to many-year relations with schools, Motivation Academy negotiated that our candidates are not required to pass any language exams. With our assistance, you may be admitted to the BEZ course without any English language certificate.

Studying without the language certificate is also possible for many other persons being in particular situation. If you want to know if the course without the certificate is available for you, it is the best to contact Motivation Academy.

Fields of study

The subjects studied at the British universities include any possible fields, like business, film, humanities, computer, politics, arts, actor, biologic, engineering, journalism, music, architecture, English philology and other foreign languages, pedagogy, psychology, media, law, PR, tourism, maths and other sciences, etc. There is even an unseen subject in England - Interpreting and Translation Polish English.

If your dream subject is not listed - contact us!