Apply for admission to a British university

Get funds for yourself and your studies

9250 tuition fee loan
Around 10000 for living expenses
169 per week for childcare

Note: You will apply to university with us FOR FREE. We do not charge any commission from students.
We are offering free consultation and guidance before and during your studies.

What are entry requirements?

– Intermediate level of English
– Your last diploma from previous education or 10 years of working experience

Enrolment steps?

– Apply on our website then we will check your eligibility
– We will guide you to choose the course
– We will process your documents and we will register you to the institution
– We will help you and guide you to process student finance application

How many days per week do I study?

Depends which university or college you will choose.
– 16h per week ( for example 4 days 4 h each day or 2 full days)
– Friday and Saturday from 9 – 5
– 4 evenings from 6pm to 9pm