Foundation Year - when the GCSE exam is not passed.

Foundation Year is the Zero Year

Do you want to study but you do not meet the conditions? The baccalaureate was not really important, but would it be good to study in the UK? Do you think the level of the English language is too weak to study abroad? Or maybe you want to change the field of study, but you do not have enough knowledge? If you have an affirmative answer to at least one question, Foundation Year is for you 🙂

What is Foundation Year?

All UK universities create a Zero Year for people who are determined to study what they want, even though they do not meet the standard requirements to enter college. Foundation Year is a one-year study at the university you want to go to or in another school. This is the time to fill in the missing knowledge at the level of the language or specialisation and increase the chances of starting your dream undergraduate course.

What activities are in Year Zero?

First of all, your English will be at the university level as well as the remaining specialist knowledge that allows you to start your studies.

Classes that typically run in Year Zero include:
- university English - here you focus on writing, reading, listening and speaking in practice,
- effective study - you get to know the English teaching system. Working with a computer, research methodology, using and understanding data, teamwork, problem solving as well as obtaining information and avoiding data duplication. And most of all, you will be a specialist in time management.

The remaining subjects differ depending on the field of study.

Here are examples of selected year zero activities.

Foundation In Business related courses:

– wstęp do biznesu – zajęcia obejmują tematykę zarządzania i kierowania,
motywacji, form finansowania biznesu w Wielkiej Brytanii, klasyfikacji biznesowych,
efektywności finansowej I raportowanie roczne, wpływ czynników ekonomicznych,
współczesne kierunki w biznesie I marketingu.
– Podstawy rachunkowości – to nauka matematyki w świetle rachunkowości biznesu.
– matematyka biznesu – nauczysz się wykorzystywać statystykę z matematyka w
odniesieniu do ekonomii biznesu.

Foundation In art. and Design courses:

- art portfolio- you will learn how to present your skills and strengths in various fields. - 2D and 3D techniques - it is not only creating in graphic programs, photography and printing, but also practical learning of crafts, eg working in wood, metal, and soft materials. - digital learning - you will learn practical use of Apple devices, work with photography and animation as well as various software necessary to create your presentation, the so-called portfolio.

Foundation In Life Sciences:

- the function of cells and tissues - these are the basics of anatomy, histology, physiology in terms of theory and laboratory classes.
- basics of microbiology in biomedicine - you will learn the role of microorganisms in the formation of infections and the impact of diseases on people .
- basics of biochemistry- you will learn about biochemical reactions, human health and diseases.
- basics of chemistry- is a science covering the theory of chemistry, functional groups, molecules, chemical compounds as well as energy and thermodynamics.

Foundation In Engineering and Computing:

- mathematics- it is the science of mathematics in relation to engineering and data processing at university level.
- engineering- theoretical and practical issues in mechanics and electricity.
- programming and problem solving - practical classes on applications and
computer programs.
- creative design - the student creates a project using the knowledge obtained in other classes, depending on the chosen field of study.

How much time is spent at university?

The goal of the Foundation Year is to fill in the missing knowledge
hence the number of classes is slightly higher than in the regular year of study. Usually this time is between 16 and 20 hours a week. The most important thing is class attendance, which the university pays special attention to. It is worth remembering about this when planning your private life and free time.

Foundation Year Zero Benefits

The Zero Year is the best time to improve your high school diploma, build your own presentation, which is essential when choosing art courses, and most of all for those who are not sure of their level of English.

The main benefits are:
- each person is assigned to one teacher and this guarantees
individual support
- learning takes place in groups of up to 15 people
- classes are conducted by the same lecturers as they teach at the university
- practical knowledge of the British education system, which is completely different from our Polish one
- integration with the student community through participation in the life of the university
- real contact with British culture

Passing the year zero exam is a guarantee of starting your dream studies in
Great Britain. Average required is 50 to 70% of all subjects.
For people from Poland studying in the Polish education system it is usually not a problem at all.

How Much is a Foundation Year Zero?

The cost of a Year Zero is usually between ÂŁ 9,000 and as much as ÂŁ 16,000 at high-end colleges. However, for those who choose the Year Zero, we have good news, because it is fully covered by the student loan
(people from the UK with pre settled or settled status).
The total duration of study is four years, for which consists of one zero year and three years of undergraduate studies.
Following this path, you do not have to worry about the financial resources to cover the tuition fees.
Before you decide which direction and which university you want to go to -
find out from us from Motivation Academy whether you are really entitled to a student loan, because not all universities use such solutions.

Document submission process

There are several ways to submit documents to start the Year Zero, depending on the university you choose.
If you decide to follow the path number two, that is, link the Year Zero with a specific university where you will study, you can also apply by us You can also find us on facebook - Motivation Academy.
Besides, the University proposes to start your education from year zero, when you do not meet the requirements of the university's admissions committee. Therefore, in case of doubts whether you meet the requirements, have all the required documents and whether you have filled in the recruitment form for your dream university, contact us! Motivation Academy is always ready to help you and we will answer all your questions.

To sum up

Foundation Year is:
- a guarantee to start studying in the field of your dreams without having the required high school diploma and language results.
- practical and effective foundations to start your studies
- save time by continuously improving your baccalaureate results
- enter the student life at the British University

Your Motivation Academy will help you find this key to success, i.e. successfully going through the process of recruitment to the Zero Year, combined with the possibility of starting studies at the selected
University, as well as with a positive decision regarding financing your studies by granting a student loan. Your Motivation Academy will help you.

Contact us now in the way you choose, preferably via Facebook and also by e-mail or by phone: 07949706242
We are at your disposal now

We will help you choose the study programs that best suit your needs and possibilities. Our help is FREE!



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Sign up to receive updates, promotions, and sneak peaks of upcoming products. Plus 20% off your next order.

Promotion nulla vitae elit libero a pharetra augue

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