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How to study and earn money?

How to study and earn money?

The rules of the governmental load (to cover school fees and costs of living during education – amounts ca. 10K of pounds yearly, up to 16K for learning parents) for study in England:

The education loan is granted to EACH EUROPEAN UNION STUDENT (who received and confirmed the “offer” for a place in a public or private school) to cover the school fees only for undergraduate courses in the UK – provided you have not graduated elsewhere!

The loan covers 100% of the fees for 3-year “Bachelor”, 4-year “Sandwich”/”Year Abroad”/”With Placement” (4-year undergraduate where usually in 3rd year you have an yearly trip abroad or a yearly traineeship), so for studying in the United Kingdom you do not have to pay your own money!

The refund rules are very favourable – this is the only such loan in the world!

You refund the loan ONLY IF you start working and your pay exceeds specified annual ceiling (“threshold”) for the country where you work.

Your loan may be remitted after 25 years, that is why Englishmen call it: “soft money” 🙂

If you will not reach the “threshold” after 25 years, the loan may be officially remitted!

If your income does not exceed the “threshold” in the country where you work, or you stop working or you are on the leave – the repayment is suspended – you do not have to pay.

So, as you can see it is not a typical loan. No bank will give you such vacation 🙂