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Are you unhappy with your current job? Tired you have never owned a 10-million-dollar yacht. You are the CEO of your life. Don’t dream of your success, WAKE UP and WORK for it. You are never too young to build an empire, and never too old to chase a new dream. My aim is to motivate you to start another life pathway - a pathway of education; because the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. If you wake up every morning, look in the mirror and see yourself unhappy then try to make a vision which will take you to a new life journey, your strong sides can take you to other sides of this mirror which will turn into open window for a new life.  

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About me

My name is Kamila Żak and for 5 years I have been running a business in the education sector. I came up with this idea when I myself began studies. I noticed there were very few Polish students in my college. I decided I wanted to change that, and this is how my academy came into existence. I’m a resourceful woman who motivates others to change their life path so that they find their opportunity for a better future through education. I myself accepted the challenge and currently studying my dream major in law. I’m familiar with the difficulties of the student life. I know that many young ambitious people struggle with finding their first job or get underemployed. Therefore, I think of my professional activity as a mission rather than a chore, changing bleak everyday routine into a future full of opportunities. British diplomas and degrees allow you to pursue your dreams. Call us and set up a meeting.

About Academy

Motivation Academy was founded in 2015 by a businesswoman professionally involved in the education sector for over 6 years. The business is an answer to the niche in the market for EU residents interested in acquiring education which meet the labour market needs. The EU community in London is estimated at over a million. A large percent of the population is underemployed. The lack of sense of security, fees too high to pay for college are a real problem. Those who have just arrived are looking for a first job in order to pay increasing accommodation, transport, and living expenses which are often higher than the average income. Many of us struggle to support ourselves, so we have no time left for education and professional advancement. On the other hand, those who have reached financial stability are afraid to put it at risk. The answer to these dilemmas is Kamila Żak’s Academy and its prosperous cooperation with various entities.

About us

Motivation Academy hires people with extensive professional experience. As the company name indicates, its employees are highly motivated, goal-oriented, and hungry for success; they know exactly what they want in life and this is the attitude they share with the Academy clients. The company’s mission is to work for EU nationals living in the UK, as well as for those who plan on moving here in order to improve their living conditions. As a team we strive for meeting the needs and ambitions of those who have the courage to take responsibility for their own lives. In the age of growing competition, proper education is a ticket to a rewarding and satisfactory career. British diploma and degrees mean more on the European labour market than others, and not only should you be a good student with excellent school attendance, but you have to be open-minded, familiar with different cultures, tolerant, and respectful towards diversity. Studying is more than just learning subjects: it is about learning important life lessons as well.

How can we help you?

We do all the work for you. All you need to do is set up a meeting and show up in our office. We apply on your behalf for a student loan and additional, non-repayable maintenance grants. Our main goal is to reassure, inform, and orient you in the right direction, as well as to do all the paperwork for you. We do it all so that you can go through the recruitment process, starting from a college interview, ending up with the funds transferred to your account. Even though London is one of the most expensive European cities, you don’t have to worry about struggling to survive. All you need to worry about is an active participation in courses. We will take care of the rest.


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Anna Maria
Very professional and nice staff. Tatiana made everything very clear to us, even though I had a lot of detailed questions. I am fully satisfied with all the information I was given and I can honestly recommend Motivation Academy services. Every person has a chance to change their life for the better, so go ahead, carpe diem! Thank you so much!
Great, professional service. They will always help you find a solution. They quickly get things done. If you want to begin studies, Motivation Academy will surely help you take this crucial step and complete all formalities. Highly recommended!
The only right choice if you consider studies in THE UK, and Kamila’s support is just invaluable! She helps with choosing the major and all the formalities, and she does it best. I truly recommend Motivation Academy and its team services, especially Kamila’s guidance, for which I want to sincerely thank her. Kamila, thank you so much for everything, you’re the best!

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