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We are an actively working team of the translation office. For the eight years now we have been operating in the local and worldwide market, supporting individual customers, companies and institutions.

The work of our Translation Office is a response for still growing market needs in the area of prompt and profession translation services. We offer our professional assistance.

All linguists that cooperate with us are sworn translators and certified professional translators and interpreters, so they respect the conformity rule while making any certified translation (so called, sworn translations).

Our translators often have other interesting professions like a physician, psychologist, engineer, school pedagogue or scientific worker and extensive linguistic experience gained abroad. It allows “live” translating and interpreting, what makes that the materials on which they work are not only compliant with any linguistic rules, but also they feature emotions that you wish to communicate to your interlocutor or correspondent. We are aware how important are certain nuances, e.g., in the international business, so we try to understand our clients’ intentions and perfectly reflect them in our translations.

Our team of qualified and experienced certified translators include the following languages: German, Czech, French, English, Italian, Norwegian, Netherlands, Flemish, Spanish, Russian, Sweden, Slovakian, Danish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Greek, Finnish, Slovenian, Latvian, Serbian, Croatian and other European languages.

Our translations feature precision, adequate wording, conformity with originals and care of the form in the following areas:

  • law and European integration
  • economics and marketing
  • banking and insurances
  • IT technology
  • finances and accountancy
  • medicine and pharmacy
  • physiotherapy
  • chemistry and biology
  • geography and geology
  • industrial technologies
  • building industry
  • electrotechnics and motor industry
  • automatics
  • environmental protection
  • telecommunication and tele-information
  • standards and certification, patents

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